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Here at Imperial Reptiles & Exotics we pride ourselves on providing top quality animals, feeders, and supplies. 
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My fasination with reptiles began at an early age. I was about 8 years old when I saw our neighbors Bearded Dragon and him later revealing a room of reptiles and exotic animals. I was HOOKED! My first pet was a Leopard Gecko and the collection quickly grew. Reptiles and wildlife in genral have always had their place in my life, they give me genuine joy. When I was 18, I began my first breeding operation and small "company" Imperial Geckos, specalizing in African Fat Tail Morphs, which quickly expanded to other reptiles thus giving birth to Imperial Reptiles. After a break to seek other endevours in life, I decided to begin my dream of opening up a reptile and exotic animal pet store. I am lucky to be able to comebine my two passions of business and reptiles in one. I love these animals and I am very excited to be able to provide a platform where others can admire or learn to admire them as well.

-Alejandro Estrada

shepherd and a herd of sheeps